a design studio for stunning brand identities + squarespace design for bloggers + entrepreneurs

a branding & squarespace design studio
for creatives with heart

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Together we can craft your story, design your visual identity, + bring it to life through a stunning online space. It's time to stop struggling with your visuals and up-level your design.






The Revamp studio focuses on building visual identities that are developed from the heart. By designing from your perspective & leaning into who your dream clients are, your brand will resonate with your audience and empower your mission. It's about so much more than a logo or colors. It's about defining who we are, what we represent, and how we can connect.

Our visual identities speak volumes about who we are. They begin to share our story through color, pattern, typography and strong logos. My mission is to help creative women build a visual identity that's full of both strategy and heart. Let's focus on the personality your brand will be known for, then build your brand and gorgeous new online space to hit all the right notes.


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