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Whether you are a blogger or small business owner, your brand identity, website, and collateral are how you are showing up, telling your story, and creating an experience for your ideal audience.  

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A brand is a personality, a voice, an attitude and the online environment that you give your audience.  A logo & colors are simply how your brand is dressed.  There is nothing worse than a brand who is all looks & no brains. Find the reasoning behind your brand identity.  Who is your audience?  How are you standing out? 

Let's create an identity that resonates with your audience through colors, fonts, logo design + a clearly defined personality.




Bring your visual identity to life with a beautiful + mobile responsive website. This will be your new online home- where you'll connect with your audience, share your content and show off your stunning brand personality and visuals. Your online home is the nucleus of your brand. You'll want to have a site that is easy to update as you grow + easy for your audience to interact with.  

Let's work together to build a custom squarespace site that breaks out of the box so you can shine a bit brighter.


+ Collateral

Bring your brand to life through printed materials, social media, photography, event collateral + interior styling.

You have your style guide + your website... now what?Maintaining your brand's aesthetic is key for growth. As you progress, we can continue to work together to develop the visuals around your brand. It may be as simple as choosing the right chairs + art in your waiting room or defining the setting and editing style for your brand's photoshoot.  Let's collaborate to bring your brand vision to the visuals.    

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The Struggle

  • your brand and site aren't resonating with your ideal audience

  • the stress of not knowing which fonts to use & when

  • struggling with color choices and the reasons for them aka killing consistency

  • lacking clarity about who your audience is + your niche

  • a website that looks like a hot mess even though your content is flawless

The outcome

  • a visual identity that connects with your vision and dream audience

  • a defined set of fonts to use across social, web, and print

  • a color palette infused with your brand personality + building consistency

  • a site that resonates with your ideal audience and tells your brand story

  • confidence + empowerment in knowing that your brand + site are working for you

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I'd love to partner with you to develop a visual strategy with brains, beauty, and heart.  Your brand should be more than 'pretty' - it needs to have a personality, a mindset and a stand-out style that builds recognition and trust.  

I'm Samantha- a brand stylist and designer passionate about empowering female creatives & entrepreneurs. Using my background in visual communications, fine art & graphic design, I build brand identities and online spaces with heart. 

Visual branding is what sets you apart within your niche, attracts your ideal audience and lets your authentic personality shine more brightly. I can't wait to hear your ideas and help you bring your vision to your visuals.

Whether online or off, your visuals are telling a brand story in every glance... let's make sure it's love at first sight.