Mia Malia

Mia Malia- brand identity & squarespace web design from the Revamp, Amor Design Studio

Web Design

Mia Malia is a luruxy handbag line that is ethically handcrafted in India.  Building the brand identity and site for Mia Malia was absolutely marvelous.  The colors scream fun, fierce and confident while the fonts are luxurious and fashionable.  

Our brand goal was to promote the ethically sourced product in a way that focused on luxury and personal style.  This brand is 'crunchy' at the core, but exudes a modern, colorful aesthetic. 




web design + brand identity

full e-commerce shop

printed collateral- business cards, social cards and promotional postcards

social media images

newsletter template

lookbook stye collaboration

newsletter template design by the Revamp, Amor Design Studio

Newsletter Template

An easy to edit Mailchimp template for sending promotional newsletters.  This template is for the non-designer.  It uses a mix of canva.com image templates and specially formatted blocks within Mailchimp.