Bethany Nicole: branding

Bethany Nicole- branding by the Revamp, Amor Design Studio

The BETHANY NICOLE BRAND is positioned to be a peer & community support for empowering creatives. In addition to her fresh perspectives, BN will have a narrow niche that focuses on millennial-aged creatives who have passion but need help overcoming the overwhelm & self-doubt. The BN woman is working to perfect her craft & build her income stream.

For this brand, the focus was on creating a welcoming, modern & youthful identity. Pattern play between florals & polka dots lends a youthful, not-too-serious vibe while the marker font is modern and full of millennial attitude. The colors palette pulls bold hues alongside non-aggressive, muted tones.  

The overall brand personality is supportive & friendly while being modern, inspirational and cool.