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The BPP Book Sales Page Design

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the design

finding a brand personality

Mallika had recently had her branding and site designed when we connected to design her first book, The Brand Photography Playbook.  After reviewing her brand materials, we decided a refresh might help bring the depth and personality that we would need for a strong book design.  I chose torevise and expand the color palette into something more creative, versatile, and bright.  We also pulled in a more fashion-forward font to help her connect with the more high-end market she was positioning herself in.  

The BPP book was amazing to work on and quickly led to to use designing a sales page to match the aesthetic.  From there, Mallika asked me to help her with a few collateral items.  To date, we have done 2 sales pages, an opt-in cover page, redesigned her header and footer for her site, designed branded postcards, created thank you files for her book buyers (and a cute email to match), and designed 2 PDF opt ins. 

This is a truly ongoing rebrand that has polished the MIKIFOTO brand to connect with her ideal clients.  I cannot wait to keep sharing as we continue to design new collateral!

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OMG! I love it. I can’t tell you how happy I am... I so wish I met you years ago. I finally feel like my branding matches ME. It is everything I have ever wished for and look forward to continuing to partner with you with my brand. THANK YOU!
— Mallika
modern, feminine PDF opt in design for brand photography studio

Lookbook- Portfolio & Opt-In eBook Design

opt-in/ sales page design

opt-in/ sales page design

brand refresh mood board

brand refresh mood board

opt in PDF design

opt in PDF design

special details from this project

Every project has special details that really push the design to the next level.  For MIKIFOTO, I was focused on bringing her new color palette through in all of the branded materials we created.  In addition to the use of color to set her apart, I felt it was key to use keep a very clean, magazine-like style to all of the pieces we developed.  

To achieve this, we used layering of text blocks and images to create a more dimensional, high-end layout.  We pulled in a classic serif font and focused on Mallika's gorgeous photography.  

Our design projects helped Mallika stand out in the brand photography industry through

  • strong, magazine-style web layouts
  • fashion-forward fonts
  • a psychology-based color palette
  • a refined, easy to navigate site header and footer
  • branded order confirmation emails in squarespace
  • a polished, magazine-style book design delivered in print or digitally
  • branded opt-in PDFs that resonate with her ideal audience

collateral design

  • postcard design
  • poster design
  • PDF opt ins
  • sales pages
  • opt in cover page
print designs / brand collateral

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