So you've started a blog or business... but what now?  You need a brand identity that helps you stand out in your niche.  You need fonts, colors & a logo.  You need to know WHY what you are doing is going to resonate with your audience.  You also want to maintain full creative control. You need a design studio that that will teach you the WHY behind your branding & help you bring your vision to your visuals.  

Build An EPIC Brand.  The Brand Studio is a course to help you learn to build an epic brand.  Get the knowledge, support and templates to build a brand for yourself or your future clients.

Creating your brand identity can be stressful when you aren't sure how to do it or WHERE TO START.

There is so much to consider, & it can be super overwhelming.  Should you start with colors or a logo design?  How the fuck do you make a logo!?  Don't panic... we will cover that. 

The Brand Studio is a collection of 9 lessons (and 3+ bonus sections).  It starts with defining your brand's heart, niche ad strategy then moves through developing visuals. It lays out your journey in steps so that you can focus on one thing at a time.   

As you work through each step, you'll also learn the why. The studio is more than great tech training- it goes into detail about why you should choose one photo filter over another, why you might want to consider a serif font or why you should use circles & not squares depending on your brand identity. Picking 'pretty' colors without reasoning, rebranding every few months because it doesn't 'feel right'- these are signs that you have built your brand without stepping back & looking at the why.   


your struggle

you keep rebranding because it doesn't feel right

you have no idea what colors 'mean' so you pick whatever

you spend hours staring at the screen to  make your brand images

not knowing who your audience is... like at all

you aren't standing out in your niche

your content is epic, but your brand doesn't reflect that

you don't feel confident in your brand

you have no idea where to start the branding process

feeling overwhelmed by the photo filters + which to use

what you need

theories + tutorials to create a brand style guide

 templates to guide you as you build your brand & keep it consistent as you grow

the knowledge, training & confidence to build a stunning brand identity that will resonate with your audience

a step by step guide with 9+ audio and video lessons + a textbook / workbook so you can focus on one thing at a time... #nooverwhelm

the same proven process for building a brand with heart that I use with my clients

consistency with fonts & colors so your workflow is easier

 a design mentor to guide you + maybe be your new bff


This is exactly what The Brand Studio will do.

Once purchased, your workbook & course access instructions will be mailed to your doorstep.  Allow 14 days for delivery.

learn color theory, pairing + how to create your brand palette

learn color theory, pairing + how to create your brand palette


Who this course is for

bloggers who need to build a visual brand that resonates

web designers who want to understand the basics of branding to better serve clients

VAs who want to dazzle clients with their skills

solopreneurs who are ready to build a brand and an empire

podcasters who need a stand-out brand identity

etsy shop owners who have the craft, but need to stand out

As someone who has always envied the gorgeous designs my solopreneur peers use for their businesses, DIY Design Studio was my saving grace. This course gave me the confidence and the know-how needed to create my own dreamy designs to use in my visual marketing and now it's actually a fun task instead of something that terrifies me. Thank you so so much for this course!

-Danielle, Punch Key Media




132 page Brand Studio Workbook  so that you can define your brand personality, niche + audience ($40 value)- in print, delivered to your mailbox

9 lessons packed with video, audio + text to help you define & develop your brand identity & style

3 bonus lessons on pattern, image style and print collateral with video tutorials

a lesson request box to make sure you have all the training you need

lifetime access to the studio & all its future content

design tutorials using free software like canva as well as photoshop & illustrator

free templates for drag and drop use in canva, photoshop & apple pages: mood board, brand style guide

private facebook group to ask questions, share your work & get feedback

weekly office hours in the facebook group where we can chat live about your progress

lifetime access to course materials + updates

Untitled design (9).png


  • define your niche + audience
  • create a mood board 
  • choose colors with purpose using color psychology
  • decide on & pair fonts like a pro
  • create a stunning logo & logo variation
  • source patterns or learn to design your own
  • create a clear brand style guide + strategy
  • brand your blog images 
  • create blog image templates
  • use free apps to edit photos like a pro
  • develop a brand photo style
  • define a clear brand personality
  • create eBooks, worksheets & PDF files
  • design & print business cards, thank you mail or a letterhead




Hello!  I am Samantha, the designer behind the Revamp Design Studio.  I am passionate about building strong & stunning brand identities for creatives.  Although I love working with clients one-on-one, I know that some people prefer to DIY their brands.  I want to help you define & build your brand the right way.  Your brand needs heart behind the visuals.  I want you to have a brand style that attracts your dream audience & tells your brands story through visuals.  Let's get to work.  


your enrollment payment gets you lifetime access to the studio, no matter what the price of the course in the future.  once enrolled your course workbook & access will be mailed to your doorstep.


I've been trying to brand my blog for about a year now.... This course was starting at square one, and it was just what I needed. In trying to brand my blog, I've played many, many times with different colors, fonts, and designs only to feel like something was off. I would pick something, then a couple of weeks later, I would hate it. Every single time I thought I found what I was looking for, I was mistaken.

Going through this process, everything started to click and come together. And Samantha was SO helpful throughout the entire process! She was constantly available, providing feedback, and her turnaround time was phenomenal! I don't think I could have found a better course.
-Hanha, Clear Transparency




This course will use a variety or programs, but is designed so that you may use whatever you have.  During the course I will use general programs, like Apple Pages and Canva, to demonstrate design techniques & practices.  I will also give secondary 'advanced' trainings for Photoshop & Illustrator.  Several lessons also provide links & recommendations for free apps to use in the lesson's toolbox.


The lessons are a combination or video, images & text.  Most lessons are set up to be read & provide ample visual examples & then have added video content.  The video content is designed to show you in real time how to use certain programs for various needs or to demonstrate the lesson's concepts in action.



All lessons are accessed directly from the DIY Brand Studio.  The workbook will be delivered via snail mail with your course log-in instructions.  The lessons are set up be taken at your own pace.  Some you may finish in under an hour, others may take you a few days to think through. 


ummm.... FOR-EV-ER.  The content for this course will grow & expand over time & you will be able to grow & expand your brand right along with it.  Once a member of the studio, you will have lifetime access to the lessons & private chat community.  


You won't... or at least you don't have to!  As a member of the studio you'll have access to a private community of people also working on their brands.  I'll also be checkin in to answer your questions & give you personal feedback.  


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