Beyond the Gloss Squarespace Template

Beyond the Gloss Squarespace Template

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a squarespace template

A fresh new look in 3 days!  This gorgeous design will be installed on your squarespace site in 1 weekend.  

Pages included: homepage, blog, community (opt in) page, about, contact, events


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*enter the template site as a 'visitor' and enter the code as prompted


How it works:

  1. You purchase your favorite template from the shop.
  2. I will follow up with you via email to schedule a weekend to install your new site template. 
  3. Add me to your squarespace account (I'll send a video tutorial to show you how)
  4. On the scheduled weekend, I'll log into your site.  I'll put up a basic 'under construction' cover page and get to work on installing your new theme.
  5. Once complete, I'll upload a series of videos to help you add your own content into the template.  You'll also have access to the color codes and general site style guide tucked away on your site.  

Things to note:

  • The theme is installed exactly as in the demo.  The images, colors, fonts and text will not change.  You will be able to edit all text and images once the site has been installed.  
    • ADD ON OPTION: I can drop in all of your copy and images for you.  You must have all text & images delivered to me before our scheduled instal dates.
  • The only pages included are those on the demo site.  If you need additional pages, reach out for an add-on quote.  
  • Photoshop or other design software is NOT needed to edit these templates.  You only need a squarespace account.  
  • Branding is not included.  There is a style guide on your new site to show the color codes and font styles.  These are not customized.  


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