Custom Brand Design

Custom Brand Design


timeline: 3 weeks

Build a brand with personality that will resonate with your ideal clients & audience. 


the process

Your brand is more than a logo. A brand is a personality, a voice, an attitude. The logo & colors are simply how your brand is dressed. There is nothing worse than a brand who is all looks & no brains.

Our first step in the process is to find the reasoning behind your brand. Who is your audience? How are you standing out in your niche? What is your niche? From there, we will define a personality for your brand + define its key values.  We will target values that will resonate with your audience + give heart to your brand.
Next, we will collaborate to find visual inspiration that will buttress your newly minted personality.  The colors, the fonts and the patterns that will create a cohesive, stand-out identity.  
Finally we will top off your new visual identity with a logo and 2 variations to help you leave a mark on the world.  


I am passionate working with creative entrepreneurs & bloggers to make big statements with branding, design & imagery. I focus on creating a brand that tells your story visually so you can focus on what you do best.

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Brand Identity

  • brand mood board
    • we will work together to build a collaborative pinterest board and then refine the concepts that will be the base of your brand's personality and aesthetic.  
  • logo design
    • 3 options presented, 2 refinement rounds on chosen concept
    • 2 alternate logos to use alongside your primary logo 
  • color palette
    • a brand palette developed using color theory & psychology so your palette is more than pretty.  It will do the heavy lifting in building for brand personality + resonating with your audience.
  • pattern + texture
    • pattern / texture files to help bring your brand to life
  • font palette
    • a palette of suggested fonts to buttress your brand personality and build consistency across platforms
  • image style
    • a guide for choosing images that align with your brand aesthetics
  • brand personality + aesthetic overview
    • a complete, written brand personality guide with visual style markers for images, fonts and color + keywords for your brand personality
  • brand style guide
    • a comprehensive PDF with all of your brand information, palettes and guides.
  • brand mockups to help you visualize and launch your new brand