FAQs page refresh for FHME

FAQs page refresh for FHME

complete payment

Client: Food Heaven

Designer: Samantha Grose, Revamp Design Studio


Creative Brief for FHME Podcast Cover REVISION:

photoshop document template for podcast covers revised to be in square format

including 2 revision rounds

Fee: $20.00


1. Payment There will be two payments for all design projects. The first will be 50% of the total project cost & must be paid during booking. The second half must be paid within 7 days of the project completion. Payments not made within 7 days are subject to a $50 penalty.

2. Default in payment The client shall assume responsibility for cost outlays by designer in all collections of unpaid fees and of legal fees necessitated by default in payment. Invoices in default will include but are not limited to fees for collection and legal costs. returned payments or those reversed (by error or malice) will be charged late penalties as stated above. Returned or reversed payments will also affect the ownership of any delivered files (see below).

3. Changes The client must assume that all additions, alterations, changes in content, layout or process changes requested by the client, will alter the time and cost. Additional revisions to the project will be billed in full before changes will be made. The client shall offer the designer the first opportunity to make any changes. 

4. Cancellation In the event of cancellation of this project, ownership of all copyrights and the original artwork shall be retained by the Revamp Design Studio. The initial booking fee (50% of total project cost) is non-refundable in the case of a cancellation. Cancellation may be initiated by the designer, Samantha Grose, if the client does not uphold timeframes & expectations of the project as outlined in the contract or on the payment page. (not replying to emails or other communication, additional revisions without a paid invoice or disputes over ownership are valid reasons to cancel the completion of work on the part of the designer.)

5. Ownership of Artwork Revamp Design Studio retains ownership of all original artwork. The client, however, also has full ownership of the project upon completion, approval & final payment. Client files will be delivered as the finished file, not the native file, unless otherwise stated. If a native (editable file is to be provided, an additional cost will be assessed. Clients may not re-sell the design as their own. If the final payment has not been made (or is disputed), the client has no ownership or usage rights. Files used within a design or as elements of a larger design are not individually owned by the client unless they are purchased additionally. For example, stock photos, fonts & graphics may not be used in any situation beyond those created by the designer unless otherwise stated or purchased.

6. Modifications Modifications of the terms of this contract must be written and authorized by both parties, involving the implementation of a new version of the contract as a whole following standard procedures of documentation and approval.

7. Code of fair practice The client and the designer agree to comply with the provisions of the Code of Fair Practice (which is in the Ethical Standards section of chapter 1, Professional Relationships).

8. Code of fair practice The designer warrants and represents that, to the best of his/her knowledge, the work assigned hereunder is original and has not been previously published, or that consent to use has been obtained on an unlimited basis; that all work or portions thereof obtained through the undersigned form third parties is original or, if previously published, that consent to use has been obtained on an unlimited basis; that the designer has full authority to make this agreement; and that the work prepared by the designer does not contain any scandalous, libelous, or unlawful matter. This warranty does not extend to any uses that the client or others may make of the designer’s product that may infringe on the rights of others. client expressly agrees that it will hold the designer harmless for all liability caused by the client’s use of the designer’s product to the extent such use infringes on the rights of others. 

9. Limitation of liability Client agrees that it shall not hold the designer or his/her agents or employees liable for any incidental or consequential damages that arise from the designer’s failure to perform any aspect of the project in a timely manner, regardless of whether such failure was caused intentional or negligent acts or omissions of the designer or client, any client representatives or employees, or a third party.

10. Dispute Resolution Any disputes in excess of maximum limit for small-claims court arising out of this Agreement shall be submitted to binding arbitration before a mutually agreed-upon arbitrator pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The Arbitrator’s award shall be final, and judgment may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. The client shall pay all arbitration and court cost, reasonable attorney’s fees, and legal interest on any award of judgment in favor of the designer. All actions, whether brought by client or by designer will be filed in the designer's state, county of business/residence. This contract is held accountable to the legal system of Kentucky and any applicable statutes held therein.

11. Acceptance of terms The action of the sending and receipt of this agreement via electronic method will hold both parties in acceptance of these terms. The designer as sender and the client as recipient will acknowledge acceptance of these terms either through an e-mail noting acceptance or acceptance is acknowledged at the beginning of any work on said project. Electronic signatures shall be considered legal and binding. Upon making payment for this contract, you are agreeing to these terms. If you do not agree, do not make payment.