Now that you have worked through your Brand Basics Workbook, let's distill your ideas.

the goal is for me to be able to fully understand your mission, goals & audience

your details

your brand personality *
check all that apply
from the words above, what would be the top 3 to describe your brand?

your niche + goals

*please provide links where possible
what sets you apart from the 3 brands listed above? is it your personality? your offerings? (be specific)
near future & extended goals for your brand (these are NOT business goals, but how your brand aims to serve it's audience- through what channels? -services, workshops, products, etc) think about now, in 1 year, in 5 years?
Your brand goal should NOT be about you- number of followers, revenue goals, etc. They should be audience-centered.

your audience

every brand should attempt to solve a problem or ease a pain point for their audience. what problem will your brand solve for your audience?