flip your DIY fail

It happens to the best of us.  We plan, buy supplies, envision our success... we fail.  Some fails are more epic than others, but they happen.   Here is a quick guide for how to deal with the inevitable. 


1. Prevent your FAIL... Stick to the plan. Had I not tried to be fancy, I might have nailed my DIY.   

This past week I had a plan to make new magnets for my fridge.  At the last minute I decided to use marbled clay. 

2. Once shit hits the fan, step away from the crafting.  Seriously, find something else to do.  Starting a new craft isn't a great idea as your nerves a bit frayed. 

3.  Revisit the fail after some time away. Just like a fight with your lover, craft animosity needs time to be in perspective.  Ask yourself: Is it that bad?  Is it salvageable?    If it's a dead end, follow up with two more questions: What did I do wrong & how can I do better on the next try?

4.  If you have supplies to remake your idea, try it again following the revised plan (solving the issues in step 3). 


5.  If you're like me, you don't give up without a fight.  Use all of your creative superpowers to reimagine the projects.  How can you change it, add to it, use it as a part & make it work?   

For my magnet example, I decided that the 'rock shape' was lost because of the marbled pattern.  After I reevaluated the project, I decided to paint the 'rocks'.  To add interest, I left a portion of the marbled area unpainted.  

The key to crafting is to let it be fun. If you are getting upset, walk away. The same can be said for academics, getting dressed, important conversations & much more. Just learn to let it roll.