Hello, November! plan your best month ever (& freebies to make it happen!)


Maybe it's just me, but the start of a new month always feels like a fresh start for errrrthang.  If you aren't looking at it that way, you should try it.  At the end of each month I begin to make plans for the next month.  What do I hope to accomplish? How will I push myself to be happier, more social, more stylish, find new & amazing clients?  It's exciting to make plans & set goals.

NOVEMBER wall calendar

What better way to start (or continue) celebrating a fresh start than a few new decorations & freebies!  Keep yourself on track this month with a desktop calendar... both printed out & tacked onto your wall & on your computer screen.  Don't just scribble to dos on post it notes, organize them with a printable to do list for your month.  (Notice there are 4 groups & also 4 weeks in November... that's not random... just saying.)

click through the image above to get the desktop file

NOVEMBER to do list printable

What are your goals for the month? Here's what I'm planning....

REVAMPED the magazine will be launching in early November. It's crazy exciting so far & I've gotten some stunning contributors to share! I will be officially launching the DIY design studio for creatives & bloggers to design their brands & websites DIY style.  I also hope that by the end of the month I'll be ready to present my first free ecourse for style mavens & bloggers.  Basically, I never stop dreaming of how I can inspire, teach & guide you to achieve your goals. 

So what are you working on this month?  Share your projects, goals or ideas in the comments. Also, if I can help, let me know!  :)  Happy planning!