Personal Style: why I don't wear a bra

I don't wear bras. I own bras- pretty, lacy numbers & bustier styles that are meant to be seen.  In my day to day, however, I don't wear a bra.  I can't say if it started as an act of rebellion or if I just wanted to be comfortable.  Whatever the reason it began, it has become an unchanging part of my personal style. 

My decision not to wear a bra is something I am proud of.  I like the shape of my natural body; the shape a bra gives is stiff and unnatural.  With a very small chest, I have no need for a bra to 'support' me.  The only reason I do wear a bra is if my shirt is sheer.  Although many see not wearing a bra as immodest, I believe it's liberating.  It's only immodest if you are oversexualizing the female body.  

I admit that there have been creepers who stare at my chest as I pass or employers who have pulled me aside to ask if I 'forgot' to wear a bra.  These people clearly don't understand my choice to not wear a bra.  They are probably misunderstanding my personal style & brand.  As in any communication, there will be misunderstandings, but I know that 'my people' will understand my choice.  

it's a quiet rebellion that supports self-love, a healthy body image and a female's power over her own body.  It is a choice that stands against over-sexualization, unnatural body standards & nipple-shaming.  

I'm not saying that bras are bad or asking you to burn yours.  I am not asking to have my coffee shop latte sans top.  

What I am saying is that my nipples are mine to show -or  conceal- & be proud of.  

The recent #freethenipple campaign really resonated with me.  I agree that it is a dubious double standard that men can be topless and women cannot.  For me, it's less about my choice to go topless, and more about my choice to show up without being chastised... even when there is a chill in the air.

style- Orson Welles

Your personal style should tell a visual story. The choices you make are all details that communicate to the world who you are & what you believe.

Not all elements of your personal style will be clothing choices.  each should, however, be intentional.