Introducing: website in a weekend + custom squarespace templates

Here's the breakdown:

Buy the template, set the install dates & customize it with your own images & text.  

The result? a stunning, designer site in just 3 days.  

I am so excited to announce that the design studio will now be offering custom squarespace templates!  These sites are custom designed with all of the style of my custom designed, client sites but with a super quick, 3 day turnaround.  

Curious how I make it happen in 3 days?  Simple!  Once you purchase your design, I'll be in touch to book your design weekend.  Before then, your job will be to collect all of your copy and images for your new online space.  Once the weekend begins, your site will be transformed, redesigned & ready to launch on Monday morning.  

A LINE is the perfect glossy design for bloggers and content creators.


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