Planning a large project can be über overwhelming. Whether it be a website, brand, room in your house or your summer wardrobe.  The key is to plan in advance & stick to the plan. 


1.  How does this need to function?

What is the purpose of this thing?  What do you need it to do, make or show?

A spring wardrobe, for example, needs to be light & airy while still stylish.  Your ASSets should also be covered.  

A home office needs to have workspace, be inspiring & probably have some storage.  Will you have clients in the office?  Will anyone else need to use the space?

Your website might be on online shop where selling is priority or a blog where content is what you want to be on the forefront.


2.  Attitude

After carefully considering what you need for the space to be functional, ponder the attitude the room should have.  Your wardrobe may be 'sweet & feminine'.  The office might be 'bright & modern'.  Whatever you choose, this is your framework.  Do not veer offtrack.  


3.  Color Coordination

Based on the attitude you decided upon, choose 2-3 colors.  Obviously, they should coordinate.  As you are deciding, try to pull in one 'neutral' color.  Neutral does not have to be tan.  In fact, I hold a great distaste for tan. I prefer light grey or white.  But also, you might choose a soft yellow for your neutral or even black.  You may love having an 80% black wardrobe, that's cool -your attitude was probably not 'sweet & feminine'.  I, for example, have a black bedroom.  My secondary colors are white & gold. 


4. Accents

You can pull in a few fun accents that stray a bit from your color, but they need to fall in line with your attitude.  Otherwise, you'll start to create a hot mess.  I doubt any project uses 'hot mess' as their attitude goal.  Your accents will give personality.  For your wardrobe, these will be the accessories.  For a website it might be a shape you use in your imagery.  In an office, it could be your rug & desk decor.  For your brand, this could be your voice, your typeface, or your style of images.  

Try to decide how they will look: shiny, patterned, minimalist, vintage?  How does each relate to your attitude?  


5.  Build it

Use your new plan as an outline to design something amazing & amazingly functional. This is the step where you will blend the style guide you just created with the functions you outlined in step one.  For your wardrobe, you know what kinds of colors & functions you are looking for.  Your home office now has pint colors & accents already designated.  Now you need to choose a bright & modern desk... hello, Ikea.  Your blog now has a style guide for it's colors, font & layout.

Look at you- you're designing big things & killing it!  


Ready to design your next project?  

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