COLOR LOVE: rosé for Valentine's Day (& free printables)

YAY for Rosé- the color theory of pink & a few free printables ;)
COLOR LOVE: rosé for valentine's day & a few printables... because I lurv you!
personal style- a simple birthday dinner & stylish pink dress

My love for the pink / black / white color palette really shouldn't be all that surprising. I'm mildly obsessed.  So valentine's day is clearly one of my favorite holidays.  

The color pink is such a bold color in my opinion.  It is unabashedly feminine (although in previous times it was actually designated for boys).  Color psychology describes pink as a calming color, full of nurture, intuition & empathy.  It is said to have a calming effect on the nerves & help to assuage mild depression & anger.  To that, I say, fuck yes!  I want & need all of those feelings.  

The mood board above indicates a modern, strong, feminine & clear personality.  See why & how that translates into real life style. Plus, I was so inspired I created 4 free printable wrapping paper designs fo' free! Black, white, modern & hand drawn.  


Choosing a proper variation of pink may seem daunting.  But fear not, each variation has a strength & purpose.  

True pinks have an effervescent personality.  They have not been mixed with black or white, but are a more pure, vibrant color.  They are bold.  This shade is most often associated with winter or spring personalities & color palettes.  

Tinted pinks, those which have white added, are softer, more nurturing & perceived as youthful.

Shaded pinks, which have black added to the color, feel more mature, elegant & are often used in fall color personalities.   

Toned pinks, or those that are mixed with grey, are muted, soft & powdery.  They feel calm, relaxed & regal.  They would most likely be used in summer personalities.  


When using color to define your personal style or your brand, you must consider the exact hue & personality you are evoking.  If you want a vibrant, youthful brand, a shaded pink will not fit. Likewise if you want to look elegant at your next cocktail event, a hot pink dress, will probably not communicate that goal to those who are reading the visual story you're telling.  

Building your personal brand means letting these ideas invade all aspects of your life.  How you set your table, which greeting cards you choose for your mate & how you deliver presents on Valentine's Day.  Are you strong & minimal or are you fun with a side of flirtation?  Show off who you are with simple design & color statements that add up to a strong personal identity or brand.

Style & branding are a dance of colors.  Using them properly can tell powerful visual stories.  



To help you do this I made a few Valentine's Day printables to help!  Click below to get your free set of 4 valentine's day inspired wrapping paper.