COLOR LOVE: black, white & cool AF

Black & white does not have to be boring.  Geometric shapes & pops of color add edge.  Whether your planning to redecorate your dining room, build your wardrobe or rebrand, black & white is a classic look that can be anything but traditional. 

Modern B & W

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If you are using seasonal color theory to build a color palette that has emotional connections, stark black & white are only used for winter personalities. Winter personalities are edgy, luxurious and opulent. They often use bold serifs & san serif combinations. The geometric shapes shaped buttress the forward-thinking attitude and modern sensibility of winter.  The downside of a winter palette?  Winter personalities are often seen as being cold & unapproachable. Try adding a bright or pastel color into your mix to offset the sterility.  


If modern & clean are your thing, try building a room in black & white.  The key is to have patterns, illustrations & textures to add interest. White (or black) walls with contrast with bold patterns & lush textures.  Think about quilted details, satin, and hand-drawn details to keep the aesthetic cozy. 

black, white & cool AF: a look at winter color theory


If your brand is a winter personality, you will most likely be modern, clean & cool AF.  These personalities are not for everyone, but are perfect if you're positioning yourself as a luxury, über modern, or cutting edge.  Winter imagery will be contrasty, clear & bold.  If you're not sure, look for black & white subjects or use a black & white filter to give your brand a consistent image style.  


Building your wardrobe in blacks, whites & shades of grey will give you a chic, understated cool.  The key is incorporating unexpected accessories & lots of pattern play, texture & unexpected color splashes.  Look for patent leather shoes, bold red lips, or a geometric take on a traditional cat eye.