5 ways to make this your best week ever

5 ways to make it the best week ever


Sunday evening, and tomorrow is fresh start of a new week. Between watching movies and spending some much needed me-time you cast a quick glance at your to-do-list: you're in for a busy week. The last thing you need is starting your week feeling overwhelmed. So how do you do that? Here are five ways to kick-start your week and to help get you started


1 Set an intention


What do you want to achieve this week? Set an intention for your week and use this to plan the week. Yes, there will be jobs that need to be done, client assignments, and other things you have to do. Setting an intention will help you work towards your larger goals. Even if you're still mostly working on emptying your to-do-list, you'll still feel like you're working towards your big goal, even if your intention is just a little step towards that, you're still moving.


2 Plan your week on Sunday


On Monday morning you want to get cracking right away. You want to have your list ready to go so you know what you need to do that day and week. So set some time aside on Sunday to plan your week. When are you going to tackle the items on your to-do-list and how long will they take. Create a realistic and slightly challenging list to keep you on your toes, so you won't have to spend time wondering what you need to do when you did down behind your desk.


3 Workout


Start your week with getting sweaty, get your heart rate up and get your blood flowing faster. This will boost you wide awake. I always find that I'm so much more productive when I start my day with a workout. It will make you feel healthier, boost your focus and as a major bonus it will make you sleep tons better. (I love using my Fitbit Charge for motivation to get up during my day and move).


4 Unplug


Usually unplugging is the tip for reflection. Unplug from the internet to connect with family, unplug from your work to decide what it is you want to do and brainstorm. But unplugging is also a great way to get a lot done. Most of the time our time is consumed by email, Facebook and other social media, checking websites, endless online window shopping and reading other people's blogs (and comparing yourself in the process). So unplug. Pull out your internet for a few hours, use the Stay Focused app and set it to nuclear. Sit yourself down and do what you need to do, no distractions. Starting your week super productive will keep you motivated be productive the rest of the week as well.


5 Change scenery


Working from home is great right? Setting your own hours and being flexible. Oh and while you're at it you can do the laundry as well... euhm no. Pack up that laptop, grab your journal and head to a coffee shop, the library or any other place where they welcome freelancers for the day. I usually feel so much more productive and ready to get to work when I'm working somewhere else. The simple fact that I'm writing this post from the train is testament to that.


So how do you kick-start your week? Do you have special Monday Morning Habits? We'd love for you to share them in the comments.

Stephanie is a freelance copywriter, blogger, lover of science fiction, book nerd and an avid traveler living in the Netherlands blogging on luthien.orand running a business. She wants to inspire people to live the life they love and believes you can do anything when you set your mind to it.

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